Terms & Condition


Terms of Engagement

Pacbuild will require in writing or by email confirmation that it has been engaged. The terms of engagement may describe the general work program, the engagement dates and the price. PacBuild will require a 50% deposit that will be used to purchase any required materials and will secure the agreed dates for the project.

All quotes provided  by PacBuild are in recognition of the work that was inspected at the time by PacBuild in the presence of the client. In the event that PacBuild discovers damage or further deterioration of existing materials, it will immediately inform the client and seek the client's approval to proceed which may result in additional costs. Should approval not be granted PacBuild will return the job to its best/ safest possible condition and charge the client for the time expended.

Any changes to the original quote shall be notified to PacBuild and email or written confirmation shall be supplied.

Payment of the full sum will be required within 7 days of the completion of the assigned work. Where the invoice remains unpaid Pacbuild reserves the right to retrieve any materials, products and timber that is has used in the development of the assigned work and the client agrees to allow representatives of Pacbuild to access the property where the products or materials are located to retrieve them.